Maksim Barbakov
Website development
and maintenance

Wordpress development, HTML layout, landing pages, online acquiring, web services, CRM systems

Greetings! I am a freelancer with over 10 years of web development experience living in Izhevsk (Russia). I specialize in:

  • development and maintenance of sites based on the Wordpress content management system
  • creating layout in HTML/PHP + CSS + JS format
  • site integration with CRM systems (Hubspot, Pipedrive, Apptivo, Zoho, etc.)
  • integration of other online services necessary for your business

I appreciate the responsibility and discipline in clients, which I adhere to myself.

I am interested not only in completing work on a project and receiving payment, but in developing the client's business and, accordingly, in further site development.

I gravitate towards reasonable perfectionism, which does not conflict with the deadlines of the project.

I have the opportunity to adhere to a flexible work schedule.

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    Some works

    of those that I have the right to demonstrate ;)

    Development of a Wordpress-based promotional website for the multidisciplinary medical center Jupiter Medical Center, located in Jupiter, Florida (USA).

    Initially, the "full screen" format promotional site was planned for an advertising campaign for the center during the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic, but during its development, the customer decided to expand the main topic and move away from the alarming agenda.

    A Wordpress-based website for the Moving Minds marketing agency located in West Palm Beach, Florida (USA).

    A multi-page agency site containing an abundance of "heavy" images with a transparent background and various animations, but at the same time maintaining high loading speed and good performance in Google PageSpeed Insights.

    Website developed on the basis of WordPress, initially created in the format of a landing page for a specific event, and later expanded into a multi-page project. The owner was able to create an unlimited number of pages dedicated to ongoing events, as well as add content to several recently appeared sections.

    A comprehensive registration form for participants and integration with the Bitrix24 CRM system, within which Leads, Deals, Contacts and Organizations are created and linked.

    Developed on the basis of Wordpress multi-page site for Ensons, Yekaterinburg (Russia). The third version of the site dedicated to the production and sale of power equipment. Unlike the 2nd version, made in the Hi-Tech style, this one strives for the unity of the visual style with other promotional materials of the company.

    With a system of different templates for product pages, the company was able to create product pages with a variety of designs that differ from model to model.

    Development of a multi-page site based on Wordpress for Ensons, Yekaterinburg (Russia), engaged in the production and sale of power equipment.

    The second version of the company's website, made in the Hi-Tech style, which is accompanied by "cold" colors and animations.

    Developed on the basis of Wordpress multi-page site for company "Derevenskiy Stil" ("Village Style"), the production of which is based in the village of Chernobrovkina (Sverdlovsk region, Russia). Harmonious design and minimalistic presentation of information about the company's activities, combined with ease of content management.

    Website undergoing content filling stage with advertisements for the sale of premium real estate in Dubai (UAE). The most simple and intuitive site structure in the Wordpress control panel, combined with the ability to customize the generated pages in the Services, Developers and Districts sections.

    No overloaded template engines and constructors, all based on the most common tools.

    Development of a Wordpress site based on layout from another specialist for the Intellectual Club 60 seconds franchise (Russia) Possibility of creating individual pages made according to a common template for franchisees from dozens of cities in Russia and abroad.

    Integration with Timepad ticketing service, Unisender e-mail subscription service, SMS Prostor SMS service, as well as individual integration with CRM Hubspot and Helcim payment service for franchisees from Calgary (Canada).

    Development of Wordpress CMS based on the layout made by another specialist for the brewing company "Shcheglovsky Pivovar" ("Shcheglovsky Brewer"), Kemerovo (Russia). The customer was able to independently edit the product catalog, fill in the corporate menu, maintain a blog and provide customers with convenient navigation through the branded stores using Yandex.Maps.

    In addition, at the request of the customer, without the use of complex e-commerce solutions requiring special training, a system for online ordering of products was implemented with online payment through Yandex.Checkout and many settings, including regulation of the sale of alcoholic beverages by time, price promotions and differentiated delivery costs and a basket ...

    Developed on the basis of Wordpress, a promotional site for the network of dental clinics "ReSto", Izhevsk (Russia), dedicated to the technology of prosthetics with Nobel Biocare ™ implants. The site is made in the format of a full-screen presentation, but at the same time it is fully responsive. A high speed of the site has been achieved, despite the abundance of a large number of graphics and photographs with a transparent background.

    Development of a site based on Wordpress for the "Polnaya Rebusnya" franchise with the ability to create individual pages for franchisees from dozens of cities.

    Representatives of the club throughout Russia have the opportunity to edit information about activities in their city, as well as store the results of the games on the site, without having access to data from other cities.

    Developed on the basis of Wordpress, a promotional site for Idea Computers, Izhevsk (Russia). One-page, made in a "technological" minimalist design with the ability for the client to choose communication equipment to suit his needs, and for the customer it is easy to fill the product base through the content control panel.